Every time we open the Twitter app we are stuck between reading either of the top tweets or the latest tweets with tough switch-overs which did leave many frustrated over the years. In order to solve this suffering, Twitter have started testing an easier way to switch to your reverse-chronological feed a bit more easily.

As of now, the three-star button at the top helps toggle between the Home feed or the Latest feed. The company announced that they are testing a new way to toggle between your feed for some iOS users where on tap of three-stars they’d see a switch over tabs of new Home or Latest at the top of their screen.

This is how their new testing looks likes:

Looking at the tests going around, this would not be a massive turnaround from what it is today, just instead of options, we’d get to switch over from tabs. Doesn’t look like much of an improvement. Although it’s to be seen if Twitter are looking to roll this out more broadly.


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