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The colossal 77-Inch QD-OLED TV from Samsung: Brighter than Ever Before!

Get ready for the future of TV with Samsung S95C! This amazing display boasts the latest in QD-OLED technology and has already been showing off impressive brightness in early testing.

Samsung’s S95B QD-OLED TVs caused a stir in the market last year, providing a welcome challenge for LG and Sony. These TVs, featuring cutting-edge quantum dot technology, were previously only available in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes due to Samsung Display’s limited production of QD-OLED panels.

The new Samsung S95C QD-OLED TV is expanding its size options to include a whopping 77-inch model in addition to the previously available 55 and 65-inch versions. These larger TVs are in high demand among consumers, and Samsung is looking to satisfy that demand as it continues to establish itself as a leader in OLED technology.

Samsung’s new S95C QD-OLED TV boasts improved durability, lower power consumption, and brighter, more luminous colors than its predecessor, the S95B. Early tests have shown promising results for the next-generation panel, which aims to address the software bugs and bent TVs that plagued the S95B.

Gaming is your forte? Samsung got your back!

Samsung always highlights the gaming chops of its TVs, and the S95C is no exception. The S95C TV boasts impressive gaming capabilities, including a fast response time and access to the Xbox cloud gaming app on its Tizen operating system. HDTVTest’s Vincent Teoh was impressed by the potential of the 77-inch display during early tests.

“With a 0.1- millisecond response time and up to 144Hz refresh rate, S95C eliminates ghosting – on-screen blurs when images fade rather than completely disappearing — and offers calibration and visualization options not found on other televisions. The S95C’s cloud gaming support with Gaming Hub is peerless, from the world’s first 4K support for NVIDIA GeForce NOW to availability of Microsoft Xbox, Utomik, and Amazon Luna,” said Samsung.


The S95C is a gaming TV with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and a 70W Dolby Atmos speaker system. It supports HDR gameplay, but not Dolby Vision. The 77-inch model’s price and availability will be announced soon and is expected to compete with the Sony QD-OLED TV.


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