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Apple is supposedly working on a touchscreen MacBook


It is speculated that after a long period of reluctance, the first Apple Mac with a touchscreen feature may be released in the year 2025.

Sources claim that Apple is working on incorporating touchscreens into its MacBooks. Although the particulars have not been worked out quite yet, it is anticipated that laptops with touchscreen capabilities will be commercially accessible in a couple of years.

Touch or No Touch: The Ultimate MacBook Debate

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An next touchscreen MacBook Pro from Apple is said to be in the works. Apple’s long-held belief that touch is superior for devices like the iPad is a primary factor in this radical shift. However, it’s possible that Apple’s tried-and-true design philosophy will carry over to the next MacBook Pro. It will still feature the regular trackpad and keyboard and will likely run macOS.

In addition, it will include display touches and gestures, similar to those found on Windows laptops and 2-in-1s. Furthermore, Apple may someday think about bringing touch input to other kinds of Mac computers, but at the moment, the company does not have any plans to combine the iPadOS and macOS operating systems. This is probably because of worries about how it may affect sales of iPads.

The report confirms that Apple intends to replace LCD panels on its Mac computers with OLED screens as part of a larger refresh of the MacBook Pro. Currently, LCD/mini-LED displays are used in Macs, whereas OLED displays are used in iPhones (with the exception of the iPhone SE) and Apple Watches.


Has Apple gone rogue with its new products? Are they defying Steve Jobs’ Vision?

In 2016, Apple introduced the Touch Bar on MacBooks as a step towards full touchscreen capabilities. This strip above the keyboard offered system and in-app shortcuts, spelling suggestions, and other touch-friendly inputs. However, it was not well-received by developers or loyal customers and was removed from the 2021 MacBook Pro redesign.

For instance, Steve Jobs mocked big iPhones, small tablets, and iPad styluses. But today, Apple offers iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPad mini, and Apple Pencil. Even though Steve Jobs’ vision is still influential in the company, the computing industry has progressed since 2011 and Apple has adapted to these changes.

Touchscreen technology has become popular on many Windows laptops and with the addition of iPad accessories, it has also turned the tablet into a MacBook. While no reports have surfaced about any negative effects from heavy touchscreen use, many find it convenient in various situations. However, to effectively use a touchscreen with macOS, a significant redesign would be necessary since it would be difficult to navigate the current traffic light window controls or menu bar with a finger.


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