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Google Bard adds Hindi support and new features


Google Bard, Google’s answer to ChatGPT, has recently received a major update that adds Hindi support and a number of new features.

The update also expands Bard’s availability to over 30 other languages and more regions, including Brazil and Europe.

One of the most significant new features is the ability to rename and pin conversations with Bard. This makes it easy to keep track of your conversations and revisit them later. Bard also now supports code export to more places, including Replit. This makes it easier to use Bard for coding tasks.

Google Bard pin and rename conversations
Now you can pin your most important chats, with Bard, to the top.

Another new feature is Google Lens integration. This allows you to upload images to Bard and get help with them. For example, you could upload a picture of a plant and ask Bard to identify it. Google Lens integration currently only supports US English, but it will be expanded to other languages in the future.

Bard also now supports shareable links. This makes it easy to share your conversations with Bard with others. Finally, Bard can now speak its responses. This is useful for getting a better understanding of what Bard is saying, especially when you need to know how to pronounce a word.

Google Bard updates
Select from a number of provided options to modify Bards’ responses to suit your requirements.

The new update to Google Bard makes it a more powerful and versatile conversational AI model. The addition of Hindi support and a number of new features make Bard more accessible to a wider range of users.

Google plans to continue improving Bard in the future, so we can expect even more updates in the coming months.


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