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Snapchat is down – Users can’t post or send messages


We just came out of the big mess where everything except Twitter struggled keeping on and looks like Snapchat has its base on internet explorer – their downtime has just triggered.

For the last hour or so, the users have been complaining about experiencing problems in posting story updates and sending messages with many Snap streaks at risk. Snapchat are aware about such issues, as they confirmed in a tweet, asking people to “hang tight, we’re looking into it!”.

The source of such a problem doesn’t look Facebook-esque, with the app still functional for many of the users. The app isn’t even crashing, which has been a Snapchat problem for some time. You won’t even notice anything is wrong with the service if you don’t try to post an update. So whenever the services are restored, it’s unlikely an app update would be required.

Based on user complaints and our own experience – the problem doesn’t look resolved just yet.


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