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Uber Eats: No more worries on how to split the bill


The online food delivery app Uber Eats makes a revolutionary move by adding a split bill facility while ordering. Now everyone can split the bill properly and can pay accordingly for the food in a group order. This new feature is a breath of relief for a lot of friends and also a lot of family members.

How to split an Uber Eats order & bill:

1. In order to use this feature, while placing your order you would have to select one specific restaurant from where you would want to order your food.

2. You would then have to tap on the three dots on the top right corner and click ‘group order’.

3. Once you click group order you can add or invite your friends from your mobile phone’s contacts.

4. A message will appear on their screen with an order link (and will have to download the app if they haven’t already) that you have added them to the group and they can surf for their food and place orders respectively.

5. Once everyone has placed orders, you can then checkout.


This is not it, if you’re feeling extra generous, Uber Eats also gives you, the host, an option to foot the entire bill while also setting budget limits to prevent people from ordering expensive items. On top of it, they also deliver all the orders at the same time, so you can enjoy your meals together!

This feature is very exciting for the customers but there is more to it. Uber Eats has also added an add-on feature. In case there is a gathering or a party at your place and you are having a bunch of people, you can create group orders and can select a specific date and time to deliver. The window of this post-dated order is up to seven days – so everyone has plenty of time to get their order in. The group members can place the order within a specific window of time and if not they will be notified by Uber.

This feature has made ordering more easy and convenient.


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