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Tinder now lets users background check their matches, powered by non-profit Garbo


One of the most popular online dating application, Tinder has come up with an update on understanding your match in a better way. Tinder users in the United States can do background checks on its platform in a bid to increase user safety, the company said in a news release. It will allow them to analyze public information like arrests, sex offending registry records & convictions. This feature is for the safety of its users so they choose their desired partners wisely.

It is all been possible because Match Group (Tinder’s parent company) and Garbo (Non-profit organization that does background checks) announced a partnership last year. The partnership with Garbo and the new feature is to create a way for users to understand the online partners they match with properly before they meet them in person and to also beware of any mishaps.

Tinder users can find the information by clicking the blue shield within the app which will then direct them to Garbo’s website. Then they would have to enter their potential tinder mates’ name and mobile phone number.


The access to the service offered by Tinder for users’ background checks of public information will cost $2.50 plus a processing fee.

Recently there were a lot of cases where people on Tinder used to loan money from their Tinder matches and exploit them to their fullest. One of the cases is also documented by a 2022 Netflix documentary ‘The Tinder Swindler’. This feature will help everyone to be more aware of these scammers as access to public information is not that expensive.

This initiative from Tinder and Garbo is not the only cure for the potential damage as it is an online platform, fraudulent activities can happen. So Tinder users anyways would have to be smart while swiping right but this feature can give them a breath of relief. In case you find red flags, it might point towards dishonesty or harmful behaviour.

Tinder does not promote complete dependency on the person’s Tinder profile. Tinder wants its users to be safe and have a fun healthy love life. This initiative by Tinder will definitely help its users to know more about their tinder matches before they meet them in person. It will eliminate a lot of matches who were harmful for them if they use the new feature.


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