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Apple in 2024: What’s new and exciting?


As 2024 rolls on, rumors continue to swirl about what tech treats Apple has in store. Buckle up, because whispers from Cupertino suggest a year packed with groundbreaking gadgets, powerful upgrades, and a healthy dose of AI smarts. Let’s peek into the crystal ball and see what Apple might unveil next!

Superpower Your Sight: Introducing Vision Pro

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Apple is rumored to be launching a revolutionary mixed-reality headset called the Vision Pro this year. Imagine collaborating with colleagues in stunning 3D virtual spaces or attending immersive educational experiences!

iPad Upgrades: Bigger, Better and More!

The ever-popular iPad gets a makeover in 2024! New iPads might boast super sharp screens for amazing colours. Powerful new chips could turn them into speed machines for artists and gamers. There might even be a bigger and more affordable iPad Air for everyone to enjoy.

New iPhones: The Yearly Treat

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Fall is iPhone season, and 2024 is no different. Expect brand new iPhone 16s with even better cameras, faster speeds, and batteries that last longer. The cameras might even be designed to work with the new Vision Pro for super cool 3D videos! There’s also a chance of a new iPhone SE, a powerful phone at a more friendly price.

Smarter Apple with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Apple is putting a big focus on AI this year. This means iOS 18, the new software for iPhones and iPads, might be super smart. Siri could understand you even better, apps might use AI to make your life easier, and Apple might even team up with other AI experts to bring you amazing new features.

More Than Just Phones and iPads

Apple might also bring us cool new health features for Apple Watches and expand AR (Augmented Reality) on iPhones and iPads. This could mean fun new games, ways to learn and explore the world around you, and maybe even more!

A Year Full of Surprises

With a brand-new device, upgraded classics, and a focus on smarts, 2024 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for Apple fans. Keep an eye out for more news as Apple unveils its latest creations!


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