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5 Steps to cancel Netflix Subscription


Netflix has a major share in the online streaming platform market. It’s so relevant and popular that whenever you hear Netflix, ‘Netflix & chill’ comes into our mind. This massive popularity of Netflix is because of the varied kind of content that it offers. But once the application earns that much popularity or offers varied products they often tend to charge higher as compared to their competitors. Netflix is doing the same thing. Some people find paying worth it while some have different opinions. It might lead to the discontinuation of the Netflix subscription.

If you are also planning to cancel your Netflix subscription, then below mentioned are the steps which will help you to do so:

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1. Click on Profile: You need to open Netflix on your mobile phone or whatever electronic smart appliance you are using. Once you are in the application on the top right corner you will see your profile. You would have to click on it.

2. Click on Account: Once you enter into the profile you would have to click on “account”.

3. Click on Cancel Membership: After clicking on the account you would have to look for cancel membership for which you might have to scroll down a little.

4. Click on Cancel Plan: You would be redirected to the cancel plan page. Here on the redirected page, you have to click on cancel plan.

5. Click on Finish Cancelation: Post clicking on cancel plan they will ask you to press Finish Cancelation which is exactly what you need to do. Click Finish Cancelation.

Once you are through these 5 steps you are done, your Netflix Subscription is now cancelled.

In case you feel like cancelling your subscription but you still have a few days left for the expiration of your account’s subscription you can still do it. You can cancel your membership and still use your account until it expires. If you want to renew it or want to know the renewal details, then you would have to go to your account and then click on billing details. If you wish to know more about it you can tap on “billing date”, “plan” and other options.

Netflix also has a feature to let you view your last 10 months viewing activity before you cancel your subscription.


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