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Google Tasks is going to be the hub for all your Reminders


Google has announced a move to consolidate its reminders feature onto Google Tasks, in a bid to eliminate confusion and make it easier for users to access all their reminders in one place. Google Assistant and Calendar will still allow creating Reminders.

Starting May 22, Google will begin to migrate Calendar and Assistant reminders automatically to Tasks for users who haven’t done so manually. This will enable users to view and manage all their reminders as individual tasks within a single app. Additionally, users will be able to set tasks from other Workspace apps such as Gmail and Docs.

Personal account holders will receive a prompt on their screens from March 6, notifying them of the migration. However, Google has not provided a specific date for automatic migration, only stating that it will happen sometime in Q2.


Workspace organizations are advised to enable the Tasks service to ensure a smooth transition of reminders to Tasks. Members can begin migrating their reminders to Google Tasks voluntarily from April 12. Alternatively, users can export their reminders from Assistant and Calendar using Google Takeout. However, if the Tasks service toggle is switched off, migration cannot happen, and users will lose all their reminders and to-dos, as Google will delete this data starting June 22.

It’s important to note that users can continue creating reminders or to-dos using Assistant and Calendar as they currently would, even after the migration. Google Keep reminders will remain unaffected and users can still access them as usual. However, the reminders created on Keep will disappear from Google Calendar once the migration is complete.


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