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Google Bard learns to respond with images

Google’s AI language model, Bard, has introduced a new feature that allows users to receive image responses alongside search results. This addition aims to provide a more immersive and visual experience, helping users better understand their search queries.

Google announced at I/O that Bard would be getting new features, including the display of images in search responses. This feature is gradually being introduced to users, offering a clearer representation of the information they are seeking.

For example, if a user is planning a trip or shopping for products, Bard can now showcase relevant images along with brief descriptions, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the destinations or products in question. This visual aspect can be particularly beneficial for users who rely on images to make informed decisions.


Currently, Bard can only respond with images. However, in a few weeks, it will support image prompts through Google Lens. Additionally, Bard will utilize Adobe Firefly, an AI art generator, to assist users in creating images based on their ideas.

As Bard progresses, more updates and features will enhance the user experience. Nonetheless, Google faces obstacles before making the AI tool available in the EU and Canada. The exact timeline for its introduction in these regions remains uncertain.

In the meantime, users with access can enjoy generative AI capabilities in other Google apps like Workspace. There is a possibility of Bard functionality being integrated into Google Messages, similar to its implementation in Gmail, but an official release has not been confirmed yet.


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