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Apple Watch X: A Game-Changing Redesign Says Gurman


With anticipation mounting for the approaching Apple event, where the curtain will be lifted on the iPhone 15 and the most recent collection of the Apple Watch Series 9, an interesting disclosure comes to light.

Leaks surrounding the Apple Watch 9 suggest minor alterations when compared to its forerunner, the Apple Watch 8.

As the excitement continues to build for the debut of the next iteration of the Apple Watch, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg provides captivating observations regarding Apple’s approach. The eagerness stems from the upcoming Apple Watch X, which will be delved into extensively in the following discussion.

Apple Watch X: A Tribute to a Decade of Innovation

In the most recent PowerOn Newsletter by Mark Gurman, it’s unveiled that Apple is preparing to launch a unique edition smartwatch, named “Apple Watch X.” This launch is anticipated between 2024 and 2025, aligning with the device’s 10-year milestone. Gurman envisions that the extraordinary Apple Watch X will usher in a comprehensive transformation, poised to be the most significant overhaul yet. This unveiling follows a trajectory similar to the iPhone X, which introduced the iconic notch to the iPhone series.


The Apple Watch X is rumoured to introduce a sleeker chassis and an innovative band system. This shift signifies that existing Apple Watch bands will not be compatible with this upcoming smartwatch, a notable departure from the continuity maintained since the inaugural Apple Watch launch in 2015.

Exploring New Dimensions

Gurman, citing insider sources at Apple, expands on the potential addition of a Magnetic Band Attachment System to the Apple Watch X. This pragmatic inclusion has the potential to optimize space utilization within the smartwatch’s design. The existing band mechanism, which occupies significant space, could be repurposed to accommodate a larger battery or other internal components in an enhanced design. The precise inclusion of this new attachment system in the Apple Watch X remains an area of uncertainty.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch X might mark another milestone by becoming the company’s inaugural smartwatch to feature a microLED display, as well as blood pressure tracking.

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The anticipated timeline for the Apple Watch X’s debut is set for later in 2024 or 2025. Considering prior revelations regarding the microLED display, availability may extend into the second half of 2025. Notwithstanding this, the introduction of the Apple Watch 9 and the next-gen Apple Watch Ultra remains eagerly anticipated. These forthcoming devices are poised to introduce the new S9 chipset, promising elevated performance, along with enticing features such as dark titanium aesthetics and an all-new pink color option.

Stay tuned for the dawn of an era defined by transformative wearable innovations.


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