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One UI 6 stable update: What’s new for Samsung users?


The much-anticipated stable release of One UI 6, based on Android 14, is now rolling out to Samsung devices, commencing with the Galaxy S23 series. This substantial update promises various enhancements and features unique to One UI 6.

Starting with the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung has initiated the deployment of the One UI 6 stable release. In the forthcoming weeks, the update will extend to other flagship smartphones and tablets.

The update bears the version number S916BXXU3BWJM and has commenced its rollout in several countries, including Germany, the UK, Norway, Finland, and more. A rollout in the United States is anticipated in the near future.

The software is derived from One UI 6 Beta 9, implying that it closely resembles the final beta version. Users who previously participated in the One UI 6 Beta program can expect a 350MB update, while regular users may encounter a larger download, approximately 3GB in size.


Samsung conducted thorough testing, including nine beta releases, to ensure a stable deployment of the update. Although the update integrates the security patch for October 2023, it is notable that the November patch was not included in this release.

To update a Samsung Galaxy S23 or another Galaxy smartphone to One UI 6, users are advised to follow these steps:

1. Ensure that the device’s battery level exceeds 50% to prevent potential interruptions during the update.

2. Connect to a stable Wi-Fi or cellular network to facilitate the download of the sizable update.

3. Navigate to Settings > Software update > Download and install to verify the availability of the update.

It’s important to note that Samsung typically stages the update rollout. Consequently, if the update is not immediately accessible, users should check for its availability later.

One UI 6 introduces a range of novel features and modifications, including:

  • New fonts and simplified icon labels.
  • Enhanced Weather and Camera widgets.
  • Customizable lockscreen elements.
  • Revamped Quick Settings and Notifications panel.
  • Enriched data presentation within the Weather app.
  • A fresh emoji style in the Samsung Keyboard.
  • Refinements to the Camera app.
  • Enhanced multitasking capabilities in the Gallery app.
  • Expansion of language support in Bixby Text Call.
  • Introduction of the Auto Blocker feature, designed to prohibit app installations from unauthorized app stores.
  • Direct integration of modes with the lock screen.

Samsung users who have received the update are encouraged to share their impressions in the comments section below.


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