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AI Today: News Highlights | December 27, 2023


AI Tool Predicts People’s Lives: Meet Life2vec!

Scientists have created an AI tool, Life2vec, using transformer models (like ChatGPT) that analyse personal details such as health history, education, job, and income.

Trained on Denmark’s entire population data, provided by the government, the tool predicts various aspects, including personality and lifespan, more accurately than other models.

However, Northeastern University emphasises that it shouldn’t be used for real people predictions, as it’s specific to a certain dataset.

The project involved AI ethics experts and social scientists to ensure a human-centric approach, offering a unique perspective on societal trends and policies.

Google Cloud Unveils Imagen 2 for Vertex AI Customers

Google Cloud just introduced Imagen 2, which makes it even cooler to turn text into pictures. If you’re using Vertex AI and are on the allowlist, this is just for you! With Imagen 2, you can easily make and use super-realistic images.

Imagen 2 comes with easy tools and takes care of everything for you, making it simple to create lifelike visuals. This is a big move forward in how Google Cloud combines words and pictures using AI.

Grok AI by Elon Musk’s xAI Launches in India via X Premium + Subscriptions

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Elon Musk’s xAI has introduced Grok AI in India through X (formerly Twitter) for Premium+ subscribers.

Priced at Rs 2,299 per month or Rs 22,900 annually, it surpasses the cost of ChatGPT Plus on smartphones.

Opting for X Premium+ on desktop offers Grok AI at Rs 1,300 monthly or Rs 13,600 yearly. Currently, in early access under the top-tier X subscription plan, Grok AI boasts 63.2 billion parameters, claiming superiority over GPT-3.5. The subscription includes perks like ad-free X experience, blue check verification, monetization, extended post length, high-res videos, post-editing, and more.

Smart Tech Moves: Blending AI for Cloud Success

A recent report suggests that combining different AI types, like generative, predictive, and causal, alongside various data sources, is key for cloud triumph.

Tech leaders believe AI is essential for handling dynamic cloud setups (83%) and foresee it making data analytics accessible for non-tech folks (88%). Yet, worries linger with 93% concerned about AI misuse and 98% fearing unintentional bias. Striking a balance between excitement and cautiousness is vital for successful AI integration.


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