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AI Today: News Highlights | March 06, 2024


AMD’s China-Tailored AI Chip Faces US Blockade

Chipmaker AMD faces a roadblock from the US government in selling an AI chip designed for the Chinese market.

This comes amid Washington’s tightened restrictions on exporting advanced technologies to China.

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Though the chip was intentionally lower-powered to comply with export regulations, US officials deemed it too powerful and require an additional licence for sale.

This follows previous US measures to halt shipments of advanced AI chips to China, reflecting concerns about potential military applications.

AI Firms Race to Limit Tech in 2024 Elections

With a busy election year ahead, leading AI companies are setting self-imposed limits on their technology’s use. OpenAI pledged to prevent election-related chatbots from impersonating real people, while Google plans to restrict its AI tools for the same purpose.

Despite collaboration on detection tools, companies like Anthropic are taking further steps by prohibiting their tech from political campaigns and lobbying. These developments highlight the industry’s efforts to mitigate the potential misuse of AI in upcoming elections.

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India’s Economic Rise: Tech & Growth in Turbulent Times

A panel of global CEOs predicts a bright future for India’s economy, citing its tech adoption, strong digital infrastructure, and large user base for AI.

This optimism comes despite global concerns, with India’s GDP projected to grow at 7.3% in FY24 and remain steady at 6.5% for the next two years.

Experts believe India is well-positioned to be a global economic leader in the coming decades.

AI in Indian classrooms: Boon or Bane?

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While 60% of Indian educators see promise in AI tools like ChatGPT, bringing interactive learning, new assessments, and efficient lesson planning, concerns linger.

Over-reliance on such technology could hinder the crucial development of creative thinking in young minds.


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