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AI Today: News Highlights | March 08, 2024


Rili.ai – Revolutionising Connections with the World’s First AI-Powered Social Network

Belgian entrepreneurs Antonio Camacho and Jorge Cuervo introduce Rili.ai, an innovative AI-powered social platform designed to combat the growing epidemic of loneliness, particularly among Gen Z.

With the aim of transcending geographical and linguistic barriers, Rili.ai allows users to create digital twins or AI avatars for engaging in natural conversations and forming bonds worldwide. The inspiration behind this groundbreaking app came from the alarming statistic revealing 80% of Gen Z feels lonely despite being connected on social media.

Rili.ai aspires to nurture genuine human connections through advanced AI and social networking, offering a new dimension to online interaction and potentially making the world a more connected place.

Ema Unveils Revolutionary AI Employee Amid $25M Funding Surge

Ema, a leading generative AI solutions provider, has announced a groundbreaking development in AI technology alongside securing $25 million in funding from a consortium of top investors such as Accel and Prosus Ventures.

The company is set to revolutionise the workplace with its innovative “universal AI employee,” designed to mimic the adaptability and intelligence of human workers.

Ema’s technology, powered by a combination of over 30 large language models and domain-specific models, aims to address common challenges in generative AI like accuracy and data security. Its products, including the Generative Workflow Engine and EmaFusion, are poised to redefine enterprise operations in customer service, technical support, and employee productivity by fostering collaborative human-AI interactions.

India Launches AI Mission with Rs 10,372 Crore Fund to Boost Computing Hardware

India has taken a significant step towards bolstering its generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities by approving the India AI Mission with an investment of Rs 10,372 crore over the next five years.

This initiative aims to enhance the country’s AI infrastructure by subsidising private companies to establish AI computing facilities.

The move is expected to attract investments and enable start-ups to access the necessary computing power to develop their AI technologies, addressing a critical gap in resources.

Highlighting the importance of computing capacity in AI development, the mission could reduce the financial burden on small businesses and accelerate India’s progress in the competitive field of AI technology.

Tech Industry Layoffs Fuel Job Security Anxiety Among Professionals

The US tech industry has seen a concerning trend with nearly 50,000 employees laid off from 193 companies in the first two months of 2024 alone.

This ongoing spate of layoffs has escalated fears among tech workers, with a new report from AuthorityHacker revealing that over half of the workforce (54.58%) is increasingly worried about job loss.

Particularly, professionals in IT-Services and Data, as well as Software Development, are facing the highest anxiety levels. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) adds to these concerns, with 72.42% of employees uneasy about AI’s impact on their job security over the next five years, highlighting a growing distress within the tech sector.

Former Google Engineer Charged with Stealing AI Tech for Chinese Companies

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Linwei Ding, a former software engineer at Google and Chinese national, has been arrested and charged with the theft of artificial intelligence technology, in a case highlighting concerns over Chinese economic espionage.

Facing four counts of federal trade secret theft, with each count punishable by up to 10 years in prison, Ding’s arrest was announced during an American Bar Association Conference in San Francisco.

This incident underscores the ongoing warnings from U.S. law enforcement about the national security risks posed by advancements in AI and the lengths to which entities associated with China may go to misappropriate American innovation.

The FBI and Justice Department are emphasising the economic and national security impacts of such thefts, with AI enforcement now a top priority for the administration’s Disruptive Technology Strike Force.

Microsoft to Unveil ‘AI Explorer’ for Enhanced PC Navigation on Windows 11

Microsoft is set to elevate the user experience on Windows 11 with the introduction of ‘AI Explorer,’ a feature poised to distinguish AI PCs from their counterparts. Slated for debut on the upcoming Surface 10 Pro and Surface Laptop 6 this March 21, AI Explorer aims to revolutionise PC interaction.

According to Zac Bowden of Windows Central, this advanced version of Copilot will enable a searchable history of user actions, encompassing images, web pages, and conversations.

Its ability to comprehend ambiguous prompts, contextually suggest tasks, and facilitate workflow initiation promises a seamless and intuitive user interface. The AI Explorer is expected to redefine productivity by integrating across all applications, marking a significant leap in Microsoft’s AI integration efforts.

Navigating the AI Dilemma in Education: Students’ Use of AI Tools for Assignments

Students like Ritwik from Shivaji Nagar are increasingly turning to AI tools like ChatGPT and Gemini for school and college tasks, despite repeated warnings from educators.

These tools help them with everything from summaries to programming codes, offering a shortcut for assignments deemed repetitive or dull.

With advancements in technology, students have also found ways to bypass plagiarism checks using tools like QuillBot and ZeroGPT, ensuring their AI-assisted work goes undetected.

Educational institutions, including Savitribai Phule Pune University, face challenges in curbing this trend, especially with plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin introducing paid features for detecting AI-generated text, complicating the enforcement of academic integrity.


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