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AI Today: News Highlights | March 12, 2024


Rajeev Chandrasekhar Announces AI Mission Roadmap, Promises Development of Indigenous Indian Models

In a significant announcement, Rajeev Chandrasekhar has unveiled the roadmap for India’s AI Mission, emphasising the country’s commitment to developing indigenous AI models. As part of this initiative, Chandrasekhar affirmed plans to foster homegrown talent and expertise in artificial intelligence.

The mission aims to cultivate a robust ecosystem conducive to the creation and deployment of AI solutions tailored to India’s unique needs and challenges.

With a focus on innovation and collaboration, the roadmap underscores India’s strategic vision to assert its leadership in the global AI landscape while addressing local socio-economic imperatives.

Chandrasekhar’s declaration signals a pivotal step towards harnessing AI for the nation’s advancement and self-reliance.

Meet Adrit Rao: The 16-Year-Old Coding Prodigy and AI Enthusiast Making Waves in Digital Health Innovation

At just 16 years old, Adrit Rao, hailing from Palo Alto, California, is already making significant strides in the realm of app development and digital health innovation.

Recognized by Apple and with several apps under his belt, Rao is currently engaged in groundbreaking research at Stanford University, focusing on leveraging AI to revolutionise healthcare.

Inspired by the dynamic nature of app development, Rao shared, “Apps are so engaging and exciting because you can write code and see your inventions come to life right in front of you.”

Rao’s journey into coding commenced at the age of 8 when he was introduced to block programming, igniting his passion for computer science.

Despite challenges, like his app ShopQuik being removed by Apple due to obsolescence, Rao remains undeterred in his pursuit of leveraging technology for societal benefit.

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Book4 Series Laptops with Microsoft Copilot Integration

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Samsung has launched its highly anticipated Galaxy Book4 series laptops, starting from Rs 1,14,990, featuring Intel Core Ultra processors. With a focus on seamless integration, Samsung highlights the upcoming Copilot features for Windows 11 users paired with Android-powered smartphones.

The official webpage showcases Copilot’s deep integration with Galaxy phones, promising users the ability to turn prompts into actions through simple chat commands.

Microsoft Copilot enables natural language interactions such as retrieving recent messages, copying links, and composing emails directly from Android phones linked to the Galaxy Book4 laptops. Notable features include task management, message reminders, link copying, and email composition with integration into Outlook.

Samsung’s collaboration with Microsoft aims to enhance productivity and user experience, setting a new standard for mobile-to-PC integration.

Goldman Sachs Establishes Training Facility in India to Educate Staff in Generative Artificial Intelligence

American investment bank Goldman Sachs has inaugurated a specialised facility in India aimed at training both engineers and non-engineers in generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), with the goal of exploring its applications within the organization.

Having invested over $7 billion in India since 2006, Goldman Sachs has witnessed its Indian operations evolve from support functions to becoming the second-largest globally.

Gunjan Samtani, the global chief operating officer of engineering at Goldman Sachs, disclosed plans to train over 1,000 non-engineering business users across Bengaluru and Hyderabad offices in 2024.

These individuals span various departments including operations, controllers, treasury, sales, research, and investment banking, indicating a concerted effort to integrate AI expertise across diverse functions within the organisation’s Indian operations.


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