Samsung to launch Maison Kitsune-themed Galaxy Buds2

Customization is said to be one of the themes of Samsung's Unpacked 2 event which is due to be held tomorrow (October 20th), and...

Carl Pei’s Nothing have a phone in pipe-line for early 2022

Carl Pei is surprisingly surprising no-one with Nothing. Hold on, let me explain; Carl Pei who started at Nokia before moving to Oppo followed by...

OnePlus Buds Z2: Improved battery life with ANC headway

Although OnePlus won't launch any ‘T’ variants to its flagship OnePlus 9 models this year, the China-based company did give OnePlus 9R a mid-cycle...

AirPods to take your temperature and monitor posture? – Apple exploring Health tech advancement

Health tech has become a priority over the past few years with major strides made – although the thing about technology is that all...

Apple Mac to drop on October 18th after months of rumours?

Apple has continually teased us with its second fall event which is much anticipated to launch a couple of new MacBooks, a redesigned Mac...

Realme Buds Wireless – Review

It's almost impossible to find good, comfortable, long-lasting earbuds from the ample options waiting out there. Everyone has different priorities of selection, for one the...

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Mobile Phones


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to have super AMOLED displays?

Samsung over time have been a benchmark for the displays of its flagship smartphones, and persistently have set records with colour accuracy and display...

iOS 16.2 set to launch this December

After releasing iOS 16.1 last month, Apple is rumoured to release iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 in mid-December. Mark Gurman, a trusted reporter for...

How to activate the 5G network on your phone

The Indian telecom company Bharti Airtel has now released its 5G service to the public. The business has also revealed plans to gradually roll...

How to share a Wi-Fi password with other iPhone devices using your iPhone

Want to give someone your Wi-Fi password without having to spell it out or specify which network they should connect to? If you are...

How to find a Wi-Fi password on your iPhone

Wireless networks are usually protected with Wi-Fi passwords. After you've logged into a Wi-Fi network once, most smart devices will automatically connect to it....

Laptops & Tablets


How to use Siri offline on Apple iPhone & iPad

From one generation to the next, Apple's products have gotten better and better. Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, has improved with each update and can...

How to message a WhatsApp number without saving the contact

Whatsapp - the most popular messaging app, allows us to communicate with individuals all over the world. It is been used by millions of...

How to download a Youtube Video on Mobile & PC

We are all aware that the Google-owned video streaming network YouTube has been a popular source of videos, music, and movies. Users find it...

Sony wants half of its releases to be on PC & mobile by 2025

At Sony's annual investor day, the corporation disclosed plans for the near future. By 2025, 50% of its games would be available on PC...

How to delete your Instagram account permanently

Of course, there comes a time you will likely want to disengage from your social media networks, and not just momentarily. People are deciding...