Adobe is integrating Camera Raw is coming to the Apple iPad version of Photoshop and has illustrated how these would work in a sneak peek video released. Ryan Dumlao, senior product manager for Photoshop on iPad, manifested how a RAW or DNG or ProRAW (raw picture files from iPhone 12 Pro and 13 Pro) photo can be directly uprooted on Photoshop on iPad through Camera Raw.

Camera Raw is a plugin used on Photoshop by the majority of photographers for advanced RAW image editing within the app and is also the technical base to the processing engine or another photo-based Adobe app in Lightroom.

In the video, Ryan Dumlao is seen importing a RAW file generated through his Fujifilm camera and showed some various exposure and color balance edits which was followed by importing the RAW file as a smart object for carrying over the editing process to your desktop in a non-destructive manner. He also took some intimate features like removing a tree branch with the use of an Apple pencil and was followed by working with individual objects via. ropes.

While Lightroom is the go-to app for photo editing for many photographers, having an option to edit RAWs directly through their iPads will provide a different dynamic especially to the ones who use Photoshop as their primary photo-editing tool.

Adobe hasn’t announced when will this feature be dropping, only saying it will be “coming soon”.


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