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Google Pixel 6 receives first critical update since November


Google has finally gotten round to launching the much-needed update for Google Pixel 6 phones. The update was initially scheduled to be released in December, but the rollout was halted abruptly as users who installed the update began complaining of connectivity issues.

The new Pixel 6 launched in October 2021 received much criticism after a large number of users complained about extremely annoying bugs, performance issues and system crashes.

Pixel 6 fingerprint scanner has also been quite a huge annoyance for several users, with the sensor being very slow and less responsive as compared to the Pixel Imprint scanner used on older models. Often the sensor’s performance was finicky, users complained that it “only seemed to work when it wanted to.”

Google has also acknowledged the issue and released additional fingerprint reader improvements in its newest update released this week. Other than these, several camera adjustments have been made, additions to the Quick Tap to Snap and fixes for “always-on display” not turning on have been added.

The full list of updates, patches and fixes can be found on Google’s support page for the update. This includes close to ~100 fixes, ranging from poor network and WiFi connectivity, screen improvements and battery and charging improvements.

It’s safe to say that the Pixel 6 launch has been nothing short of disastrous for Google. User complaints ever since the launch of the device in October ensured well below par unit sales, coupled with the December update that led to further connectivity issues for users.

Several users have appreciated the newest January update, stating that the phone feels a lot smoother and a lot of the glitches seem to have been resolved, while others claimed to be facing battery and WiFi issues after installing the update.

It seems that with this update Google has addressed some of the major and much-needed improvements like the hit or miss fingerprint sensor, and hopefully Pixel 6 will be seeing future updates to address the minor bugs still present in the phone.


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