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Uber introduces feature to let you see ratings you got from drivers


Uber announced via its newsroom that starting this week, all Uber users will be able to access their rider ratings in the new Privacy Center.

Users will be able to see exactly how many drivers dished out 5-star ratings or gave out single stars for a bad experience.

With the new update, customers will be able to access a breakdown of their average ratings across 500 of their previous rides. The move comes as part of the company’s larger mission to increase transparency around its use of users’ personal data.

To access the ratings you have received across your previous rides, users can go to the settings menu, click on the privacy setting, and then enter into the app’s updated privacy Center. In the Privacy Center, under “Your data and privacy at Uber”, swipe right to select “Would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber?” tile. A new page will pop up, scroll down to the “browse your data” section where users will be able to see an overview of previous trips, as well as rankings per ride.

To access the Privacy Center and ratings breakdown in the app:


Uber has been experimenting and testing out various ways for riders and drivers to provide feedback on each of their rides to encourage drivers with good ratings and potentially remove users receiving consistently bad ratings from the platform.

Uber stated that by providing visibility of rating scores for riders, they hoped to encourage better rider behaviour and to improve the experience for drivers in general.

The announcement also accompanies various tips for users to better their rating, including stuff like being on time, treating riders with respect, and avoiding slamming doors upon entering or exiting driver vehicles.


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