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Instagram updates new tagging options


Instagram becomes more user-centric. The reason behind the new tagging options update? It will enable creators to highlight more details as regards crediting collaborators within their posts. This update is aimed at the audience to recognize collaborators and their work which generally goes underappreciated especially with the small creators.

Instagram has connected those parts of the world which are not even explored by a lot of its users. An Instagram influencer is a dignified job role. Because of them, Instagram has gained a lot of users and it’s Instagram’s responsibility to look after them. Introducing this new tagging feature will give relevant exposure to the creators on Instagram and help them grow.

As explained by Instagram: “As creators collaborate, inspire each other and drive culture forward on Instagram, proper crediting has never been more important. This is especially crucial for marginalized and underrepresented creators and collaborators whose contributions are often behind the scenes.”

Recognition to small creators

One of the things that has helped society because of Instagram is no bifurcation or discrimination. There are a lot of difficulties that small creators face in order to publish their content and most of the time their voice is unheard. Instagram being a public platform has given an opportunity to these small creators to showcase their talent. If your content is good and appealing then no matter what caste, culture, society, economic background you come from Instagram will not hinder your growth.

The new tagging feature in Instagram will not only help the face of the creators to grow but will also help the people who work in the backend for the creators. Working professionals such as writers, cinematographers, stylists, makeup artists, designers, etc. are most of the time unnoticed. Their work and credibility are not appreciated as much as they deserve. This feature will throw light on their work and hopefully, they will be acknowledged as they should be.

It will also help the creators to connect with a lot of like-minded people. As it will enlighten them to work or collaborate with the people whose work they admire.

Users will have an option to select, ‘show profile category’ while tagging to display the contributions work.

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