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Android users to get Transcripted YouTube videos on their YouTube App


Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube is bringing a transcription feature to its video for Android users, which will help the users to directly click and view their desired part of the video instead of navigating and analyzing the whole video. This feature will help the users who consume longer format videos such as Podcasts, etc. to watch only their favourite part of the video.

YouTube will make it easier and more convenient for its users by giving them this new feature. It helps them to decide what they want to watch and how much do they want to watch. Once the video you want to watch is live, you just have to open the description box below and click on ‘Show Transcript’. It will give you a preview of which information is where in the video and you can then click on your favourite part and watch the video.

Consumption of YouTube videos has grown tremendously well in recent years. Earlier YouTube had a limited 5-15 minutes videos as the length of these videos were appropriate to the kind of content their users wanted to consume at that time. But now due to the various ranges and formats of videos, YouTube has to cope with the change in the preferences of videos.

Nowadays, YouTube has shorter format videos (30 seconds – 1 minute), average format videos (10 minutes – 15 minutes) and longer format videos (1 hour and more than that). The Shorter format videos are called YouTube Shorts, the average format are the generic videos and the longer format are Podcasts, YouTube Live, etc. YouTube being one of the most accessible and older online platforms as compared to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus Hotstar, etc. has been consistently updating its features and evolving with time. Even though the update is pretty good it is not available on all devices currently. If you are able to do it, you are amongst the lucky ones.


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