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Netflix says, Sharing is caring but with extra payment


Netflix is about to build walls between their users’ relationships. As most Netflix users used to share their ID and Password with their friends, family or loved ones to which they were only paying a subscription for a single account. This was something that Netflix does not approve of. Netflix is now planning to look into it and charge extra for sharing the subscription. They are planning to look into the password that is shared outside a single household and would be charging extra for the same.

Netflix is one of the most popular applications and is used to watch award-winning movies, TV shows, animes, etc. that too online on your electronic device. Netflix started their journey back in 1997 and right now based on the market cap its net value is approximately $176.07 billion as of Jan 21.

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Users are very happy with the varied range of options that Netflix offers. Since the beginning, Netflix had offered flexibility for its users to share their subscriptions with their friends and family. This encouraged a lot of new users to consume Netflix and share it with their friends and family. The sharing of passwords is something which won’t be there anytime soon. There has been an official verdict from Netflix which indicates the same. In a press release, Netflix said, ” Accounts are being shared between households – impacting our ability to invest in a great new TV and films for our members.”

Netflix plans to launch two new features or updates in the coming weeks. These features will be tested in certain selective areas. According to these updates, Netflix users would have to pay an additional charge of $2 to $3 if they shared their password outside their household. Users who have Netflix Premium plans or a standard plan will be able to add two more sub-accounts of the people who does not live in the same house that they live. Each of those users will have a personalized profile, login, passwords and personalized recommendations.

As of now, the new updates of Netflix’s sharing payment will be applicable in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. After the result of these tests, Netflix will decide whether to conduct it globally or not as there is no confirmation for it happening globally. These features may or may not be valuable for Netflix as they would earn more revenue if the update is on but there is a possibility of them losing a huge market as a lot of the users were comfortable in sharing with their loved ones.


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