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Apple confirms Watch Series 8 & Ultra microphone issues


Apple acknowledged that owners of the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra may face issues with the microphone when using the device, such as when trying to use Siri or make a phone call. The Cupertino company has only lately made a significant announcement concerning its upcoming products, but here’s a circumstance in which Apple iOS 16 users are encountering a bug, which presents a significant challenge for the corporation.

As reported by MacRumors, users have complained that the microphone of Watch Series 8 and Watch Ultra became unresponsive for a particular time, which caused apps that needed the microphone to stop working or give errors.

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The company acknowledged the fault, noting that consumers may experience issues with Siri not hearing them, capturing their speech, and making phone calls. In the application, a “Measurement Suspended” pop-up may also show.

Apple has suggested that restarting the Watch may provide a temporary solution. The newest version of watchOS is recommended for users, and an upgrade may be available to solve the issue, according to the memo.


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