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How to transfer Apple Music playlists to Spotify


Apple Music and Spotify, two of the most widely used music streaming services, remain top-notch. If you want to switch from Apple Music to Spotify but do not want to lose any of your playlists in the process, all you need is a means to transfer them all. It might be that you’ve found out that one offers characteristics that you really desire, or that you want to take advantage of a deal that’s now being promoted.

There is no direct method to move your music library from Apple Music to Spotify, but there is a third-party solution. Here’s how to transfer playlists from Apple Music to Spotify.

Here are a few third-party applications that can help you do so:

In this tutorial, we’ll be using Soundiiz. Follow these steps in order to utilise it to move your music from Apple Music to Spotify:

Step I: Go to the Soundiiz website and click on Start now.

Step II: Here, you’ll be asked to create an account with Soundiiz. Once you’ve done that, tap the Let’s Go option.

Step III: Sign in to both Apple Music and Spotify to link the music.

Step IV: Set Spotify as the destination.

Step V: Give access to libraries where needed. This will also keep you up to date on how long the process will take.

Step VI: After the process is done, double-check to see if there were any mistakes or songs that were left out during the transfer.

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