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S23-sational News: Galaxy S23 Rumors, Price and Release Window!


Upgrade to Ultra-Power: The Next Generation of Amazing Phones!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 are considered some of the best Android phones available, but many users still prefer a classic smartphone design. For those who prefer to stick with a traditional design, the Samsung Galaxy S23 may be the perfect phone.

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series impressed with its refined design, solid performance, and the return of the Note series. This year, we expect the Galaxy S23 to feature slight design changes, improved performance, and possibly new features.

Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event is set for February 1st, and leaks have already surfaced for this upcoming smartphone. Here is all the information we know about the Galaxy S23 so far.

S23-tacular Speculation: The Design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+

We expect the Samsung Galaxy S23 series to have different designs between models. Similar to last year, we anticipate minor changes between generations.

The two smaller models are expected to take inspiration from the larger model, the Samsung Galaxy S23+. The Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ are rumored to adopt the design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The camera bump that has been a signature style of the S-series for the last few years is reported to be replaced by a design inspired by the protruding lenses of the S22 Ultra. Although it’s a shame to see the camera bump design disappear, it makes sense for all three phones to have a similar look.

Design changes in the Samsung Galaxy S23 series are supported by leaked case renders that show a similar camera alignment to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The removal of the camera bump allows the lenses to protrude normally, which may make the phone look better in a protective case.

The Galaxy S23 series will be available in the usual colors such as black, green and light pink. Additionally, Samsung is reportedly planning to release a beige model, instead of the classic white color.


Marketing renders have also shown the Galaxy S23 series in a cream tone, which gives a refined off-white look.

In summary, it’s clear that the design of the Galaxy S23 series will not be a total redesign for this year, but rather a continuation of the previous design with some minor changes.

Ultra-tastic Rumors: Design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Although it is the most powerful of the three phones, the design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is similar to its predecessor.

Early renders show that the S23 Ultra looks almost unchanged, including its unique camera lineup on the back. Samsung is not only making changes to its specs, but also making slight modifications to the phone’s curves and the protrusion of the lenses. These are subtle differences, and if you were hoping for a new design, the changes may not be obvious to the naked eye.


Dummy units of all three phones have also been seen and they seem to confirm the design rumours that have been circulating for the last few months of 2022. The S23 Ultra has the least amount of changes, but when compared to the other two phones, it is more obvious how the smaller units are inspired by the Note-like design.

Recently, leaked ads have given us a full look at the device in all four colors, which are green, purple, black and off-white cream colour.


Power of the S23: A Look at the Galaxy-Sized Hardware

Samsung typically uses Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor in the majority of the world and in-house Exynos chip in select regions for its phones. However, early rumors suggest that Samsung may stick with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for all markets in the S23 series. Reports also indicate that Samsung may implement new cooling systems to improve performance under load. Despite this, there is a possibility that some Galaxy S23 units may still run on an Exynos 2300 in certain markets.

The Galaxy S23 is expected to come with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, 8GB or 12GB of RAM, and larger batteries as previously rumored. Additionally, it is expected to have features such as water resistance, Wi-Fi 6E, and Android 13 with One UI 5.1. However, the smallest Galaxy S23 model may have fewer features compared to the Plus and Ultra models. It is expected to have a base configuration of just 25W fast-charging and 128GB of storage. In contrast, the Plus and Ultra models are expected to have a base configuration of 256GB of storage and support for 45W charging with compatible power bricks. This is a disappointment as previous rumors suggested the S23 would have 256GB of storage in its entry-level pricing.


Snap, Snap! Samsung Galaxy S23’s Camera Capabilities to Leave You in Awe!

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is rumored to have a 200MP camera, making it stand out from other smartphones on the market. The camera sensor is expected to be around 1/1.3 inches in size, which is not much larger than other phones. Reports suggest that the camera might use the ISOCELL HP2 sensor, rather than the ISOCELL HP1 seen in the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. Users can expect improved performance in nighttime photography and videography with this camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ are expected to retain the 10MP telephoto lens from the previous model. The camera modules on both phones are reported to look identical, which is not surprising to see consistency between generations. However, Users can still expect improvements in photo performance as machine learning and software optimizations play a crucial role in today’s photography.


The tipster, Ice Universe, has reported that the Samsung Galaxy S23 will have an increased 8K recording capabilities, allowing it to record at 8K 30FPS instead of just 24FPS. Additionally, Samsung is rumored to add three new tools to its camera app, such as a sky hyperlapse mode exclusive to the S23 Ultra, a Pro Mode for the front-facing camera, and a 50MP RAW mode available on all three models.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to switch to a 12MP sensor for its front-facing camera, instead of the 40MP lens from the previous model. This change is aimed to provide better low-light performance and a wider field-of-view.

Mark Your Calendars: When to Expect the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Release

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series will be unveiled at a live event in San Francisco on Wednesday, February 1st, at 1 PM ET, 10 AM PT.

The S23 series is currently available for reservation at Samsung’s website and you get a $50 Samsung Credit as a bonus.


The internal carrier documents leaked by Verizon show that the Galaxy S23 starts at $800 for its smallest model, S23+ is priced at $1,000, and the S23 Ultra at $1,200, which is an identical pricing structure to last year’s. Samsung’s reservation system for the S23 series is live, and it allows customers to gain $50 in Samsung Credit towards the phone or $100 in Samsung Credit towards the phone and a new Galaxy Book just by signing up with their name and email.

Samsung will also host events in its Galaxy Experience stores in London, Dubai, Singapore, Paris, and San Francisco, and pop-up stores in two dozen other locations around the globe, where customers can get an early look at the Galaxy S23 before it hits store shelves.


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