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Oneplus Keyboard – Experience unparalleled typing comfort


OnePlus has announced its first foray into the PC peripheral market with the Keyboard 81 Pro, created in collaboration with Keychron.

OnePlus unveils its latest lineup including the highly-anticipated OnePlus 11, the first-ever OnePlus Pad, and exciting new gadgets like the Buds Pro 2. The company takes a bold step into the PC peripheral market with the launch of the stunning OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro. Despite numerous teasers, the full details still leave us amazed.

Key features & technical specs of the OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro


OnePlus collaborates with Keychron to bring Keyboard 81 Pro to Life. The keyboard boasts a clear crystalline knob and “1+” branding on the Esc key, along with the knurled finish of the Alert Slider’s switch for switching between USB-C wired and Bluetooth wireless modes.

The OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro boasts 81 keys, including a full arrow cluster and Function row. It saves desk space with its ten-keyless design. Both Windows and Mac layouts are supported with reprogrammable keys and customizable firmware using open-source apps QMK and VIA. The board features OnePlus’ own linear and tactile switches, with no mention of established brands. The switch design includes a blue stem, suggesting a clicky option, but this remains unclear until shipping.


Keychron’s double gasket system provides a comfortable typing experience by reducing high-pitched pinging sounds and cushioning key bottoms. These gaskets consist of synthetic dampening material placed between metallic keyboard components.

Double Gasket Mount

Built with a matte-finished aluminum frame, the Keyboard 81 Pro boasts a sleek design. The bottom case boasts shining accents, including a bar with rubber feet to adjust the tilt angle, which already features a built-in incline.


OnePlus chooses a classic color scheme with white alphas and gray modifiers, accented by red. Keycaps are made of thermoplastic material, likely ABS or PBT plastic. OEM keycap profile found on more affordable boards is used instead of Keychron’s typical profile. Keycaps are interchangeable and hot-swappable. Per-key RGB lighting is available, but keycaps are not shine-through. Only a glow around each key is provided.

Price and Availability of the Keyboard 81 Pro

No official pricing has been announced for the OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro. Earlier rumors estimated around $120, but that seems unlikely given the costs associated with features like CNC machining and double gasket mount. Using the Keychron Q1 V2 as a reference, it’s expected to cost around $200. Although that’s a steep price for a pre-built keyboard, it’s not uncommon for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts to spend more on custom builds.


The OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro debuted in India, suggesting its availability in the country. However, no official announcement for its release in India, the US, or other international markets. India’s mechanical keyboard market is growing, so it’s likely that the keyboard will eventually reach Europe and the US. Mass production is slated to begin in March, April, or May, so those interested can start saving now. It remains unknown what OnePlus has in store for this product.


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