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Pixel Tablet revealed in a video at a special Google Event


Get ready for this shocker: the Pixel Tablet unveiled at the Google event looks like…a tablet!

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It’s almost time for the Pixel Tablet to hit the market, and with Google I/O just around the corner in May, the anticipation is palpable. However, one lucky individual managed to get their hands on a Pixel Tablet ahead of time and captured a video of it at Google’s “Shaped by Water” exhibit during Milan Design Week.

In an Instagram video shared by Saori Masuda, viewers are treated to a glimpse of the impressive array of Google and Pixel devices spread out on a table. Among them are various models of Pixel Buds, Pixel Watches, and of course, the highly-anticipated Pixel Tablet. To catch a glimpse of the Pixel Tablet and the other exciting devices, check out the very last video in the gallery.


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Although the recently leaked video of the Pixel Tablet doesn’t reveal anything groundbreaking, it does provide a closer look at the device’s color options. The video showcases a coral pink, a white and gray variant, and a darker gray model with a black bezel. It’s possible that these will be the available color options when the tablet is officially released, along with a fourth color that was missing from the video.

However, 9to5Google reports that the privacy switch to disable the microphone and camera, which was previously rumored, is not present in the Pixel Tablets on display in the video.

To get a better look at the device, we’ve compiled some screenshots from the video in the gallery below.


Despite a lack of comment from Google in response to requests for information, many are speculating that the Pixel Tablet will make its debut at Google I/O on May 10th. This speculation is fueled in part by the recent FCC certification of a device that bears a striking resemblance to the rumored Pixel Tablet. Furthermore, Google is expected to unveil a host of other devices at the show, including the highly anticipated Pixel 7A and the long-rumored Pixel Fold.


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