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WhatsApp Chat Lock: Extra security for private conversations


Additionally, in the upcoming months, much more functionality will be added.

WhatsApp has made several security improvements in recent years. As the Meta-owned messaging service is one of the most popular Android texting apps, used by over a billion people daily to send billions of messages, some of these improvements were necessary. WhatsApp is now taking another step to make your chat experience more secure with the addition of Chat Lock.

Chat Lock is different from locking WhatsApp with your phone’s password/PIN or biometric authentication. It allows you to lock individual conversations, whether they are one-on-one chats with loved ones or group chats with friends.

Locking a chat hides it from your primary WhatsApp inbox. It is moved to a separate folder that is locked behind your phone’s PIN/password or biometric authentication. You can open the locked chat folder by slowly pulling it down when in WhatsApp’s primary inbox view.

WhatsApp’s Chat Lock feature can be found in the chat info section of each conversation. To protect privacy, notifications for locked chats will not display message content. To view the message, you must first confirm your identity using biometric authentication.

Meta has revealed plans to improve Chat Lock in the coming months. These improvements include the ability to lock chats on companion devices and create custom passwords for chats. This will allow you to have a separate lock for your private WhatsApp chats, different from your device unlock password/PIN.

Chat Lock is rolling out as part of WhatsApp‘s latest release for Android and iPhone. If you are already on the newest available build, check the chat info section to see if the option has rolled out for your account.


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