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Apple may surprise us with an October iMac reveal


Apple enthusiasts may have reason to celebrate this October, as a recent report from Bloomberg hints at the possibility of a new iMac being unveiled by the end of the month.

Mark Gurman, an established tech journalist, has shared his belief that this new 24-inch iMac could make its debut as soon as October 30th, ending a rather lengthy hiatus since the launch of the M1 iMac in the first half of 2021. While Gurman hasn’t explicitly mentioned the type of chip the new iMac would house, he has previously suggested that the update might introduce an M3 chip to the lineup.

Gurman shares in his Power On newsletter that he was informed of Apple’s plans for a Mac-focused product launch toward the end of October. What adds intrigue to this situation is the fact that if you attempt to order an iMac, a 13-inch MacBook Pro, or either of the other higher-end Pro models, several configurations indicate shipping times not until November. Gurman interprets this, combined with Apple’s decision to announce its earnings in November, as a “clear sign” that Cupertino has something significant in store.

In his view, the last time Apple chose to delay the discussion of its quarterly earnings until after October, it had just revealed Mac and iPad updates.


While the 14- and 16-inch Pro laptops received refreshes in January, potentially placing them on a 2024 release timeline, it has been over a year since the 13-inch MacBook Pro saw an update. The Apple iMac, in particular, is slowly creeping toward its third year with the same chip.

In the subscriber-exclusive section of Power On, Gurman responds to a reader’s query about potential changes in the next MacBook models. He doesn’t anticipate major differences beyond internal upgrades, suggesting that processors and perhaps minor display improvements will be the primary focus. However, Gurman predicts that the next notable change will be the arrival of a new iMac Pro in 2025, followed by the introduction of OLED MacBook Pros in 2026. These MacBook Pros could bring updated designs and features, ushering in a new era of innovation.

Please note that the specific chip details for the rumored iMac are still pending confirmation.


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