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Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ Event: Leaked details of the M3 chip


Apple is on the brink of its potentially final event this year, slated at an unusual time. Anticipations are high for the unveiling of the new M3 chip and refreshed MacBook Pros powered by this cutting-edge technology. Although specifics are currently in short supply, a recent leak has shed some light on the forthcoming iteration of Apple’s silicon.

Leaked Insights into Apple M3 Chips

The upcoming Apple M3 chip lineup is likely to encompass the standard M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max versions. Mark Gurman’s recent Power On newsletter has provided some technical revelations about these new chips. The M3 chip is expected to feature eight CPU cores, comprising four performance cores and four efficiency cores, along with ten GPU cores. While this configuration mirrors the M2 chip, any performance enhancements will likely be attributed to improved memory configurations.


The M3 Pro chip is rumored to come in multiple configurations. These include a version with 12 CPU cores (comprising six performance and six efficiency cores) and 18 GPU cores, as well as another variant with 14 CPU cores and 20 GPU cores. The M3 Max is also expected to offer various configurations, possibly including a variant with 16 CPU cores (12 performance and four efficiency cores) and a remarkable 40 GPU cores. There may even be a version featuring a slightly less powerful setup with 32 GPU cores.

One significant expectation is that the new M3 lineup will be founded on the 3nm process, a notable milestone for Apple. In comparison, major competitors like Qualcomm, Intel, and Nvidia have yet to commence the production of 3nm desktop processors. This could potentially provide Apple with a substantial advantage in terms of technological advancement, but the real-world performance implications remain to be seen.

The forthcoming event is also anticipated to showcase the new 24-inch iMac, which has not seen a refresh since 2021. However, it remains uncertain whether this new iteration will be equipped with the M3 chip or retain the M2. Given the limited information available at present, patience will be the virtue of choice as tech enthusiasts eagerly await the event’s revelations. Rest assured, all details will be swiftly delivered as soon as they emerge.

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