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Apple announces future RCS messaging support for iPhones


In an unexpected move, Apple has confirmed its plans to integrate RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging support into iPhones, a development set to unfold “early next year.”

This decision comes hot on the heels of the announcement of Nothing Chats, which aimed to bring iMessage support to Android devices.

RCS Messaging

Apple’s adoption of the RCS messaging standard is poised to bridge the communication gap between iPhones and Android phones, potentially putting an end to the long-standing blue bubble-green bubble disparity. This move addresses the challenges faced by Android users in group chats and aligns with the industry-wide push toward enhanced messaging standards.

According to an official statement quoted by 9to5Mac, an Apple spokesperson revealed that the company will incorporate support for RCS Universal Profile, the standard endorsed by the GSM Association. The adoption of RCS is anticipated to offer a more seamless interoperability experience between iPhones and Android phones compared to the reliance on SMS and MMS by iMessage.


Interestingly, Apple clarifies that RCS will not replace iMessage on iPhones; rather, it will coexist alongside it. The continuation of iMessage for iPhone-to-iPhone communication ensures that exclusive iMessage features, such as Memoji and handwritten notes, remain exclusive to iPhone users. Simultaneously, the introduction of RCS promises cross-platform messaging features, including typing indicators, read receipts, high-resolution image and video sharing, and location sharing.

Apple announces that RCS support is coming to iPhone next year

As for the timeline of RCS integration into iPhones, Apple has not provided a specific date. Instead, the company indicated that RCS messaging support will be introduced through a software update in early 2024.

The adoption of RCS marks a significant departure for Apple, acknowledging the advantages of RCS over traditional SMS and MMS. RCS offers benefits such as unrestricted character and media file size, read receipts, and broader compatibility beyond mobile data, extending to Wi-Fi usage. However, it’s worth noting that RCS lacks default end-to-end encryption, a feature central to iMessage, as highlighted in Apple’s official statement, emphasizing iMessage as the “best and most secure messaging experience for Apple users.

While Apple’s move to embrace RCS is a notable shift, it appears the iconic blue bubbles of iMessage are here to stay. Apple’s commitment to its unique messaging identity suggests that, despite the adoption of RCS, the distinctive blue bubbles will continue to define the iMessage experience. The evolution of this dynamic will unfold with future updates, leaving room for speculation on Apple’s strategic direction.

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