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Altman’s return: High-stakes negotiations unfold at OpenAI


In the ongoing saga surrounding Sam Altman’s potential reinstatement at OpenAI, negotiations are approaching a critical juncture. Altman, who faced an unexpected dismissal from the four-member board last Friday, has re-entered the fray at OpenAI to finalize discussions about his possible return as CEO.

Sources close to Altman reveal that he has firmly set a 5 PM PT deadline, emphasizing the urgency of reaching a resolution. The visible support, marked by heart emojis, signifies the substantial number of individuals willing to follow Altman into a new venture.

A pivotal condition for Altman’s return revolves around a significant overhaul of the current board, the very body responsible for his removal. The existing board grapples with the challenge of selecting replacements, introducing a potential stumbling block in the negotiations. Reports indicate that Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, plays an active role in mediating discussions among Altman, former OpenAI president Greg Brockman, and the four current board members as they navigate the selection process.

Microsoft’s vested interest adds an additional layer of complexity, with an apparent eagerness to resolve the matter before the stock market opens the next morning. Despite attempts to obtain insights from Microsoft and OpenAI’s communications team, official comments remain elusive.

The 5 PM deadline set for today is underscored as non-negotiable, according to the insider connected to Altman. Failure to reach a deal by this time will trigger an alternative course of action, promising uncertainties and potentially extending the negotiations into the coming days.

As the tech community awaits updates on this unfolding drama, the intricacies of power dynamics and decision-making at OpenAI come into sharp focus. The situation teems with anticipation, leaving stakeholders and observers eager to discern the implications of Altman’s potential return and the subsequent reshaping of OpenAI’s leadership landscape. The evolving narrative suggests the potential for a significant shift in the trajectory of one of the tech industry’s leading entities.

The clock ticks down to the pivotal 5 PM deadline, heightening the suspense surrounding the resolution of this high-stakes negotiation. Stay tuned for updates on this captivating tale of corporate maneuvering and executive realignment in the ever-dynamic tech landscape.


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