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ColorOS 14: A global rollout with swift features


OPPO initiates the global release of ColorOS 14, starting with the Find N2 Flip. Developed on Android 14, this update, inclusive of the October security patch, is now accessible in select regions.

While the stable version reaches the Find N2 Flip, other OPPO phones follow a beta rollout timeline until April 24.

Unified Experience with Oxygen OS 14

ColorOS 14 mirrors Oxygen OS 14, reflecting the unified resources of OPPO and OnePlus. Shared features like the “Aquamorphic design,” “Go Green AOD,” and more demonstrate identical functionality with distinct names. Color OS 14 promises an enriched experience but does present some challenges.


New Aquamorphic Elements

Continuing the Aquamorphic design from Color OS 13, ColorOS 14 introduces nine nature-themed ringtones. The “Aquamorphic coloring system” aims to dynamically change the background theme, though its operation remains somewhat unclear. Aqua Dynamics, akin to Dynamic Island, displays real-time service statuses in bubbles on the status bar.

Go Green AOD

The “Go Green AOD” feature introduces five animations to raise climate change awareness. While providing data on carbon footprint and CO2, the lack of context in the information raises questions about its effectiveness. Always-on Display animations showcase the impact of global warming but necessitate continuous location services.


Useful Tools in ColorOS 14

File Dock emerges as a valuable feature, allowing users to drag and store text or images in a temporary folder. Smart Image Matting, akin to iPhone’s image cropping, aids in isolating subjects.

Despite these tools, the ColorOS 14 experience encounters some bugs, with occasional app hangs and UI freezes.


Trinity Engine

Highlighted features in the Trinity Engine include ROM Vitalization, RAM Vitalization, and CPU Vitalization. These aspects promise memory optimization, enhanced RAM performance, and efficient power resource scheduling for a smooth user experience.

However, the initial ColorOS 14 encounter suggests room for improvement, with occasional app crashes and freezes.


Privacy and Security Features

ColorOS 14 introduces Auto Pixelate, enhancing privacy by automatically pixelating sensitive information in screenshots. Leveraging on-device processing and local image recognition, this feature safeguards private details before sharing.


Future Developments

While the current ColorOS 14 iteration lacks specific features for foldable phones, OPPO plans to address this in future updates. Anticipated features for the Find N3 and Find N3 Flip, along with enhanced functionality for the Find N2 Flip’s cover screen, are expected in subsequent ColorOS releases.

In conclusion, while ColorOS 14 brings swift features and an enriched user experience, addressing current bugs and enhancing foldable phone integration will be pivotal for its continued success.


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