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AI Today: News Highlights | November 23, 2023


Sam Altman has reassumed the position of Chief Executive Officer

Sam Altman resumes the role of OpenAI CEO shortly after his departure, concluding intense deliberations on the future of the AI-focused startup. The company introduces a reconstituted initial board featuring Bret Taylor, ex-Salesforce co-CEO, as chair, and Larry Summers, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, alongside Adam D’Angelo as directors. Notably, D’Angelo, a prior board member involved in Altman’s dismissal, returns as part of the renewed leadership.

ChatGPT has expanded its voice feature accessibility to free users

The imminent rise of Artificial Intelligence-enabled personal computers, referred to as Artificial Intelligence (AI) PCs, is anticipated to be a transformative development in the technology landscape.

Projections suggest a surge in demand for these devices in the coming year, with widespread adoption in India forecasted to gain momentum by 2027-28.

Faisal Kawoosa, Chief Analyst at research firm Techarc, asserts that AI-enabled laptops represent a significant disruption in the laptop market. These PCs, equipped with AI-capable chipsets, empower on-device execution of large language models and AI applications, diverging from traditional cloud-dependent processing. Akshara Bassi, Senior Research Analyst at Counterpoint Technology Market Research, notes the native training capability of smaller large language models ranging from 8-15 billion parameters on these advanced AI PCs.

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Microsoft names Aparna Gupta as global delivery center leader

Microsoft has officially appointed Aparna Gupta to spearhead its Global Delivery Center (GDC), a pivotal role within the tech giant. Originating in Hyderabad in 2005, the GDC has significantly expanded, now encompassing additional locations in Bengaluru and beyond.

This strategic leadership move underscores Microsoft’s commitment to optimising its global operations and service delivery.

Aparna Gupta, with her wealth of experience, is poised to drive innovation and efficiency in the GDC’s operations. This development aligns with Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to enhance its global service capabilities.


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