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Apple Card’s destiny in flux amidst Goldman Sachs’ exit


Recent developments suggest a potential shake-up in the partnership between Apple and Goldman Sachs, raising questions about the future of the Apple Card. Reports indicate that Apple has submitted a proposal to Goldman Sachs, outlining the terms for a potential exit from their collaborative venture. This move comes as Goldman Sachs has expressed a desire to discontinue several credit card partnerships, deeming them more financially burdensome than anticipated.

The proposed negotiation and termination process is anticipated to extend over a considerable period, ranging between 12 to 15 months. If set in motion, this termination would cut short a partnership initially slated to continue until 2029.

The Apple Card has been a notable undertaking for Apple, venturing into the realm of financial products, an area traditionally outside its expertise. Launched in 2019 in collaboration with Goldman Sachs, the card aimed to integrate seamlessly into Apple’s ecosystem, offering users a unique financial tool.

Goldman Sachs, however, has reportedly faced substantial financial losses tied to the Apple Card. Reports from Bloomberg reveal pretax losses of $1 billion in 2021 and approximately $2 billion in 2022, primarily linked to their involvement with the Apple Card. The financial institution has even explored potential replacements, engaging in discussions with American Express to assume its role in the partnership.

Acknowledging the complexity of the situation, Apple has presented Goldman Sachs with a term sheet, initiating the process that could lead to the termination of their collaboration. While uncertainties loom over the fate of the Apple Card, sources indicate that Apple is not contemplating discontinuation. Regardless of Goldman Sachs’ potential exit, Apple remains committed to the Apple Card and the associated savings account.


In response to queries about the future of the Apple Card, Apple offered a brief statement emphasizing their joint commitment with Goldman Sachs to deliver an exceptional experience for customers. The Apple Card, an integral part of Apple’s ecosystem, contributes to a seamless user experience, leveraging Apple Pay and the Wallet app.

For the majority of Apple Card users, the potential departure of Goldman Sachs may not immediately impact their day-to-day interactions unless significant alterations are introduced, such as the discontinuation of the card or changes in the card network. As

negotiations unfold and the termination process progresses, Apple continues to underscore its dedication to innovation and the enhancement of financial services for its user base. The evolving landscape of the Apple Card’s future remains a focal point within Apple’s broader technological ecosystem.


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