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Spotify unveils “Sound Towns” in 2023 wrapped


Spotify Wrapped has made its grand return, offering users a comprehensive and engaging recap of their year in music. This year’s Wrapped goes beyond the usual artist and song statistics, introducing innovative features that personalize and enhance the experience for its 574 million users.


Spotify Wrapped matching a user to a city

One of the most notable additions is the concept of “sound towns,” which assigns listeners to cities based on their musical preferences. This unique feature creates a sense of community and connection among listeners with similar tastes. Additionally, Spotify introduces a “me in 2023” feature, which links listening habits to one of 12 carefully crafted characters, providing a fun and relatable representation of individual music tastes.

Spotify Wrapped also refines its classic metrics, providing more granular insights into listening patterns. For instance, it now reveals the peak listening month for each of your top five artists, offering a deeper understanding of your musical preferences throughout the year. The redesigned top five genres story takes a creative approach, representing each genre as ingredients in a sandwich, making it visually appealing and engaging.


Here are some of the characters you might get assigned in Spotify Wrapped:

Catering to creators, Spotify Wrapped extends its reach to artists and podcasters, offering them valuable insights into their most popular content of the year. This helps creators understand their audience better and tailor their content accordingly. To further engage users, Spotify introduces Wrapped listening parties, where select artists can interact with fans, stream top tracks, and sell merchandise, creating a more immersive and interactive experience.

This year, Spotify introduces an AI DJ to guide users through their Wrapped stats, providing personalized commentary on favorite artists, genres, and songs. This feature adds a layer of interactivity and enriches the overall Wrapped experience.


Spotify Wrapped for artists offers stats on their most popular content

As Spotify Wrapped continues to evolve, it offers users a diverse range of insights, making the annual roundup a dynamic and interactive celebration of their musical journey. With its innovative features and personalized approach, Spotify Wrapped remains at the forefront of music recap experiences.


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