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AI Today: News Highlights | February 14, 2024


CEO of OpenAI Highlights Subtle Societal Risks of AI

During a video call at the World Government Summit in Dubai, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman emphasised concerns about the “very subtle societal misalignments” posed by artificial intelligence (AI).

Altman expressed worry that these misalignments could lead to havoc, stressing the need for oversight akin to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

He downplayed concerns about “killer robots” and instead focused on the unforeseen consequences of AI integration into society.

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Sam Altman urged proactive measures to address potential pitfalls, emphasising the importance of considering unintended consequences even without malicious intent. This nuanced perspective underscores the complex ethical and societal challenges posed by advancing AI technologies.

European Parliament Committees Endorse AI Act Agreement

Two key groups of lawmakers at the European Parliament ratified a provisional agreement on landmark artificial intelligence rules, paving the way for the world’s first legislation on the technology.

Dubbed the AI Act, these rules aim to establish guidelines for AI across various industries such as banking, automotive, electronics, and security. The agreement, endorsed by the committees on Justice and Single Market, emphasises safety and adherence to fundamental rights.

Earlier this month, EU countries also gave their backing, with France securing concessions to alleviate administrative burdens on high-risk AI systems and enhance protection for business secrets. The development marks a significant step forward in regulating AI technologies within the European Union.

Nvidia Surpasses Amazon in Market Cap Amid AI Euphoria

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Nvidia briefly outpaced Amazon.com Inc in market capitalization on Monday, propelled by enthusiasm surrounding artificial intelligence. Reaching a record high of $734.96, Nvidia boasted a market value of $1.82 trillion, closely trailing Google-owner Alphabet’s $1.87 trillion.

Investors are eagerly awaiting Nvidia’s quarterly results on February 21, following Amazon’s impressive holiday quarter sales.

With Nvidia shares up 47% year-to-date, it leads as the top gainer among S&P 500 components. Anticipation is high for Nvidia’s earnings report, with blowout quarterly results and robust forecasts expected to further solidify its position in the market


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