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AI Today: News Highlights | February 23, 2024


Google Releases AI Chatbot Code, Embracing Open Source Approach

Google has released the code for its AI chatbots, Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B, marking a shift towards transparency in the AI industry.

This move, aimed at re-engaging third-party developers, contrasts with the company’s previous secrecy and the industry’s concerns over AI’s potential for harm. Google hopes these models, while not its most advanced, will set a new standard for AI development.

This decision reflects a broader debate between the risks of open sourcing AI technologies and the potential benefits of community-driven oversight and improvement.

Regulation Risks on Open-Source AI Could Hamper Global Innovation, Warns Expert

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Andrew Ng, a leading innovation executive and founder of DeepLearning AI, warned that US efforts to regulate open-source generative AI could stifle global innovation and backfire on the United States, potentially ceding its leadership in AI development.

This caution comes as a Nasscom and Arthur D Little study highlights the significant role digital public infrastructures (DPIs) will play in doubling India’s GDP, driving the nation towards a $1-trillion digital economy by 2030.

The move towards regulation could impede not only the US’s progress but also global advancements in technology.

Nvidia Dominates AI Boom, Sees Valuation Soar to $1.7 Trillion

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Nvidia, a leading chipmaker, has significantly benefited from the artificial intelligence boom, experiencing an extraordinary surge in demand for its AI-focused semiconductors.

This demand has propelled the company to a staggering 40% increase in valuation since the year’s start, reaching $1.7 trillion and ranking it among the world’s most valuable companies.

Despite briefly surpassing tech giants like Amazon and Alphabet, Nvidia remains the fifth-most-valuable tech company, continuously outperforming analysts’ growth expectations and signalling sustained sales growth ahead.


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