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Apple reportedly working on foldable MacBook with exclusive display and hinge suppliers


Apple could soon revolutionise the laptop market with the launch of a new MacBook model featuring a foldable display, according to renowned TF Securities International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In a recent blog post, Kuo revealed intriguing details about Apple’s ambitious plans, including the screen sizes being considered and the exclusive suppliers for the display and hinge components.

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Innovative Display and Design

According to Kuo, Apple is evaluating two potential screen sizes for the foldable MacBook: an 18.8-inch or a 20.25-inch display. These sizes would translate into 13-inch and 14-inch laptop dimensions when folded. The foldable panel will be exclusively supplied by LG Display, a trusted partner for Apple’s cutting-edge display needs. Meanwhile, the hinge, a crucial component for the foldable mechanism, will be provided by Amphenol.

Pricing and Market Expectations

The high production costs suggest that the bill of materials (BOM) for the first-generation foldable MacBook could rival that of the Apple Vision Pro, which launched at $3,499 (roughly Rs. 2.91 lakh). While it remains uncertain whether the foldable MacBook will carry a similar price tag, Kuo predicts that Apple aims to ship more than 1 million units a year following its launch.

Premium Quality and Cost Considerations

Apple’s commitment to high design specifications is evident in their approach to the foldable MacBook. The company aims to create a display that is “as crease-free as possible,” addressing a common concern with foldable screens. Kuo notes that the costs of producing the display and hinge are currently as high as $650 (roughly Rs. 54,100) and $250 (roughly Rs. 20,800), respectively.

While the official launch date and final specifications remain under wraps, Apple’s rumored foldable MacBook has certainly sparked excitement and curiosity. The prospect of an 18.8-inch or 20.25-inch foldable display, coupled with Apple’s commitment to premium design and LG Display’s expertise, suggests a potentially revolutionary product. However, the high production costs could translate into a hefty price tag. Only time will tell if the foldable MacBook will become a reality and redefine the laptop experience, but one thing’s for sure: Apple’s innovative spirit continues to push the boundaries of technology.


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