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Nothing Phone 2 – Everything you need to know about It!


We have seen the following rumours about the Nothing Phone 2 so far.

Nothing, started by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, aimed to reinvigorate the mobile market with its unique Nothing Phone 1 in 2022. Now, with the company’s intentions clear, what can we expect from the Nothing Phone 2? In this article, we’ll review all the rumors surrounding the Phone 2.

We’ll also analyze the information available from Nothing’s short history, the Phone 1, and Carl Pei’s statements. By combining these sources, we can get a better understanding of what to expect from the Phone 2.

Nothing But Anticipation: Is the Phone 2 On the Horizon?


Carl Pei confirmed the existence of a follow-up to the Phone 1 in a December 2022 tweet. Despite the tweet’s main purpose being to dispel rumors of a Phone 2 release in the near future, Pei affirmed that the Phone 1 remains the company’s main focus.

However, there’s no denying the eventual release of a Phone 2. Pei has a long-term vision for Nothing, which he intends to model after Apple. Given Pei’s background and statements about the brand, it’s only a matter of time before a Phone 2 becomes a reality.

Nothing But Mystery: When Will the Phone 2 Make its Grand Debut?

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The exact release date of the Nothing Phone 2 remains uncertain. However, we can look to Nothing’s history for hints. In February 2022, Carl Pei showcased a Phone 1 prototype at Mobile World Congress, leading to speculation that he may do the same with a Phone 2 prototype in 2023. In March 2022, Pei teased the Phone 1’s design and features before formally launching it in July.

Pei’s recent tweet made it clear that the Phone 2 will not be arriving “soon.” However, until further information is available, we can only wait and see.

As for availability in the US, Pei’s ongoing talks with US carriers and the Phone 1’s US beta program suggest that the Phone 2 will likely be available for US shipments. While it may not be sold through carriers or have full support from all carriers, its availability in the US is highly likely.

What’s Up Next? The Phone 2’s Feature Frenzy!


Nothing has created a unique design for their Phone 1 with “The Glyph,” the lights on the back of the phone. The Nothing Phone 2 will likely also feature The Glyph, but with possible improvements such as brighter or more efficient lights and new capabilities.

However, don’t expect RGB lighting as Pei has described it as “cringe.”

As for the phone’s internals, we can expect some upgrades, but Nothing is likely to remain in the mid-range with the same approach to keep pricing low. Expect the Phone 2 to receive three Android upgrades and four years of security patches, as Nothing is now managing their software in-house.

How Much Will You Have to Shell Out for the Nothing Phone 2?


The first Nothing Phone launched as a budget phone, starting at £399 / €469, equivalent to about $500. Based on the company’s strategy, we don’t expect significant upgrades in the internals of the Nothing Phone 2, meaning the price may not go up by much.

However, the founder of Nothing, Carl Pei, previously started OnePlus and followed a strategy of releasing a phone with low profit margins to build a fan base, then gradually increasing the prices for future models.

Thus, we can expect a similar approach from Pei with Nothing and plan for the Phone 2 to be slightly more expensive than the Phone 1.


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